This site was inspired by the rather excellent The Setup, a site which seeks to find out “What do people use to get stuff done?”. It occasionally features people within the security industry but not frequently enough to satiate my desire.

I spend inordinate amounts of time trying to figure out what the optimal setup is for my line of work - Use tools natively or use a VM like Kali or both, how best to back up data and tools, how to store data securely, to use Burp or ZAP, which scripting language to use… The list is endless.

With the blessing of The Setup’s creator, I decided to start this site to find out how the best in the business “do their thing”… Be it attacking, defending, building, breaking, hacking, cracking or {insert your subject of interest in security}.

If you’d like to submit your setup, please fill in the following GitHub Issues Template. You’ll obviously need a GitHub account to do so!