Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Uri and I am a red teamer. I run a red team and I am one of the writers at redteams.net. I specialize is the more hands-on and offensive parts of information security: covert digital direct action, disruptive digital warfare and digital special reconnaissance.

What hardware do you use?

Well, my job makes me spend a lot of time on the road and on the field, so mobility is crucial for me. However I still have an office where I need to have access to a lot of data.

When I’m in my office I use a 2013 iMac 21 for most of my work. I also have an Apple Thunderbolt Display for my main road laptop, a 2013 MacBook Air 11 with 64gb storage.

Information is being stored on several WD network drives where we have configured them to serve files on a wireless network using Apple Airport Extreme.

When I am on the road I use most of the time my MacBook Air 11, however some projects I can go with only the iPad Mini. These are usually quick recon projects or wardriving. The extra storage is handled by a couple of tough LaCie’s Thunderbolt drives.

For a phone I use both an iPhone 5s and an iPhone 6.

And, let’s not forget: a Field Notes notebook and a SureFire Pen II. Sometimes that’s all you need.

And what software?

I’m a very minimalist software guy so I try to stick with the default OS tools. Main OS is the Mac OS X and iOS. However, I have a VM running Kali Linux for the penetration tests tools.

Some of the non-standard tools I use are: Notational Velocity for note taking, DropBox for some backup, 1Password for password management and Xcode/GCC for code writing. Most of the tools are configured in a way that I can access the data on all my devices, either by using iCloud or by using DropBox.

I do have a lot of small, single purpose tools that I wrote myself. I started as a software developer and I still enjoy hacking some good code when I need to. That has left me with a lot of small tools that, true to the Unix way, can interact with each other. Mostly command line, since I live in the command line a lot.

What would be your dream setup?

I’m very happy with my current setup, but ideally I would want:

Once I have this, I would get rid of the iMac, iPad and pretty much just be mobile most of the time and plug the MacBook Air in when I am in the office. I just need the MacBook Air to become a little more powerful than it is today and I am doing it, simple.

Editor’s Note…

If you are interested in becoming a red teamer, go check out the Red Teams blog, it’s a fantastic resource with a wealth of information, including tips on getting started as a red teamer and recommended books to read. Be warned though, if you visit the site often enough, whether or not you are a red teamer, you may end up wanting to buy a GoRuck… as I did… And it’s awesome.